Courtesy of Ulrike Stöckel

Interested in learning about libraries promoting peace?

The Mortenson Center for International Library Programs offers training (see past workshops below) and presents talks (see below) for librarians and information specialists on promoting and advancing peace within their institutions and communities.  Contact cmchu_at_illinois_dot_edu OR mortenson_at_illinois_dot_edu



Selected Past Events


Chu, Clara M.  “Libraries for Peace and Social Justice” and “Community-Library Inter-Action (CLIA): Libraries as Community Anchors Promoting Peaceful and Sustainable Communities.” Virtual Library Staff Development Day (Theme: Libraries as Community Catalyst), 16 August 2017.

Chu, Clara M.; McGuire, Rebecca McGuire and Schnuer, Susan.  Libraries Promoting Peace: An International Resource and Call for Action (Poster Presentation), IFLA World Library and Information Congress, 13-19 August 2016; Columbus, OH (USA).


Chu, Clara M. and Kennedy, Mary Lee.  Libraries for Peace Workshop, Eastern Shore Regional Library, 4 April 2017; Talbot County Free Library (Easton, MD).