CLIA Activities


CLIA aims to expand and promote processes of community-library collaboration across the world. Besides the two co-creation Labs held at Champaign -Illinois and Bogotá-Colombia, throughout the years 2017-2018 CLIA has held and will hold  international presentations, workshops and online monthly meetings:

CLIA workshops: 

Community-Library Inter-Action (CLIA): Libraries as Community Anchors Promoting Peaceful and Sustainable Communities

Monthly meetings:

CLIA intends to promote collective learning and to contribute to global-wide social transformation through community-library inter-action. To enhance this process and support librarians and communities in developing interaction that drives to social transformation, we will use virtual meetings as our communication strategy. There will be two kinds of virtual meetings:

  1. Monthly public meetings:  CLIA’s intention is to include as much international participants as possible to offer broader opportunities for collective learning. For this reason, the monthly meetings will be two-hour long bilingual meetings. During the first hour, the meeting will be held in English, and for the second hour, it will be held in a different language (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc), depending on the representation of participants on previous meetings and on their communication with the project. These meetings will be programmed at a time that works best for different time zones around the world.  Information about dates and times of these meetings will be published soon.
  2. Specific follow-up meetings: The CLIA coordination team will also set-up meetings to provide more one-to-one orientation and support according with the participants’ specific needs. Just email us at: and we will set up a follow-up meeting with the CLIA process coordinator at your library.

The initial CLIA conversations have concluded.  

Presentations and Conferences:

  • Kalyani University (India), July 4  2017: Presentation by Clara M Chu, PhD, Mortenson Center Director
  • International Conference Transforming Library (ICTL), Central Library CIT Kokrajhar (India), July 8 2017 – Presentation by Clara M Chu, PhD, Mortenson Center Director keynote speaker on Library Trends


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